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26 August 2022

Space invaders at select committee

Following publication of the Commissioner's weeds report, Space invaders: A review of how New Zealand manages weeds that threaten native ecosystems, the Environment Committee invited the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), Department of Conservation (DOC) and regional councils to respond to the report.

The Environment Committee then invited the Commissioner to respond to these comments. In his written submission, the Commissioner said:

"At their core, my recommendations are a call for greater leadership. However, nothing in my interaction with ministers and officials or in their submissions gives me confidence that that call will be answered any time soon.

"MPI’s and DOC’s responses are a litany of caveats and caution for not progressing faster. While they apparently agree with the recommendations, this agreement is couched in a way that avoids any clear commitment to implement them."

Read the Commissioner's submission to the Environment Committee on responses to the Space invaders report ‚Äč(PDF 168KB)

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Anita Gould, Flickr