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Taonga of an island nation: Saving New Zealand's birds

31 May 2017

This report looks at the desperate state of New Zealand’s native birds, the challenges they face, and what it might take to restore them in large numbers back on to the mainland.

New Zealand is home to 168 species of native birds, and many of these are found in no other country – they are endemic to New Zealand. Four out of every five are in trouble – and some sit on the brink of extinction.

This investigation is focused on a vision – a vision of restoring abundant, resilient, and diverse native birdlife on the mainland. Realising this vision will require using the knowledge, ingenuity, and passion of many New Zealanders.

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    Taonga of an island nation
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    FAQs – Taonga of an island nation (PDF 108 KB)
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  • Consultant Reports

    New Zealand’s native land birds status and change on the mainland from estimates of occupancy for 1969–1979 and 1999–2004.pdf
    Status and change in native forest birds on New Zealand’s mainland, 1969–1979 to 1999–2004