13 August 2012

Get EEZ Bill into law – Environment Commissioner

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Dr Jan Wright has welcomed the changes to the Exclusive Economic Zone Bill made by the Government.

The Bill is intended to regulate activities in the EEZ including deepwater oil exploration and iron sand prospecting.

Dr Wright says she is satisfied that the legislation will provide significant protection to New Zealand's EEZ.

"I'm largely satisfied that this legislation now provides environmental protection to our oceans.

"I do still have some concerns, including the definition of adaptive management. However, the perfect is the enemy of the good and this legislation is much better than it was when first drafted and far better than the current complete lack of environmental law that currently exists past the 12 mile limit.

"I would welcome this much needed legislation passing into law  it's been a long time coming."


 A copy of Dr Wright's original EEZ submission is available here