31 August 2009

Environment Commissioner urges Parliament to carefully consider ETS Committee report

"I welcome the report from the ETS Committee and urge Parliament to carefully consider its contents  including the minority reports," commented Dr Jan Wright.

Dr Wright, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment was referring to the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Review Committee report released today. The report is the Select Committee's advice to Parliament on possible amendments to the ETS bill introduced late last year.

The work of the Select Committee was broad and covered many issues relating to the Emissions Trading Scheme. "This report relates to the biggest environmental challenge of our time and reflects a wide range of expertise and perspectives; it deserves serious attention," said the Commissioner.

The Commissioner provided advice on a range of topics including climate change science, the 2020 target, complementary measures, the need for independent governance, agriculture, forestry, economic models and required research capability.

"A price on greenhouse gas emissions is the most efficient way for New Zealand to transition to a low carbon economy  it's absolutely critical that we get the design right," said Dr Wright.

Copies of the Commissioner's advice to the ETS Review Committee, including transcripts of her oral presentations, a report on indigenous forestry and comments on the official's Departmental Report on the ETS Review, can be downloaded here or phone 04 471 1669 to request copies.